Month: February 2017

Radiation torture to destroy eyesight

Indian internet companies are ruthless in destroying the health and finances of a small business owner to acquire talent and technology cheaply, destroy competition. Increasingly security and intelligence, NTRO officials are being told to target the brain and eyesight of the domain investor to ruin her health with microwave radiation weapons to cause very great pain, damage the cells of the body and cause cancer in the long term. As a result due to non stop torture in the last 6 years, the eyesight of the domain investor has worsened, as the fraud NTRO officials try to falsely claim that she is the tata sponsored bespectacled fraud R&AW employee indore housewife veena, to justify and cover up their resume theft, financial, domain and online fraud.

NTRO, security agency officials in India have no qualms abusing their discretionary powers and very expensive ntro equipment to destroy the health and finances of harmless citizens, if they are bribed by large companies or others who will benefit financially from the death of a harmless citizen, like the greedy treacherous relatives of the citizen, or those impersonating her to get government salaries. Over the last 6 years, indian government, ntro officials have become extremely efficient contract killers, ruthlessly stalking and torturing a harmless citizen to ruin her health to the maximum extent possible, damaging her eyesight, memory and reputation, causing great pain with microwave burns

As a result the health including eyesight, of the torture victim has declined to a very great extent, as large companies like google, tata bribed top indian government, NTRO, CBI officials to make a google competitor a slave, so that these companies could acquire talent and technology cheaply, increase their profit, without investing any money online. Before the tata, google torture, murder campaign began,especially in panaji, goa the domain investor could read everything clearly, now there are some major problems which have been noted depending on the lighting conditions, lamps used and extent of torture by ntro and other government officials. These officials are like cruel animals with no humanity, acting as contract killers for any company or individual who will pay their fees or offer sex bribes to these greedy government employees,