Month: April 2017

Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp with USB port for iPhone& smart phone charging /4 color modes/5 steps dimming

Chinese companies are very professional and aggressive in email marketing of their products unlike indian companies.
Miljoe Lighting Co., a professional LED Lighting manufacturer in China.
best selling LED Desk Lamp with USB port/1 hour timer/4 color modes/5 steps dimming .


•No dazzle light or double image, softer surface light
•CRa>85,make the light closer to nature
•5 steps brightness dimming control , Four modes (Reading, Studying, Relaxing, Sleeping) smart control between color temperature 3300~6600K
•LED chip from Taiwan, 40,000hours lifetime
•Satble Axis of roatation ,can move led head up to 180
•Easy angle adjustment, led panel up to 140 and frame up to 40 for the adjustment of light angle
•80% energy savig Max 15w
•Latest craze lamp suitable for home and hotel decoration

Sales Specialist , Miljoe Lighting Technology Co.,
Tel/Whatsapp : 86 755 68802954| 86 15361590019
Skype : christinehu5 | Facebook : miljoelighting | Twitter: Miljoelights

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Lighting in cities

People living in towns or cities, especially capital cities usually have uninterrupted power supply because many important business and government offices are located in the capital city .

So most homes and offices are electrified and can get 230 V/440 V power connection without any problem, as it is relatively simple to install power cables , if areas in the vicinity are already electrified. So most homes, offices, commercial premises in cities are installing bulbs, tube lights, CFL and LED lamps .

However some may opt to live off the grid especially harmless google competitors, domain investors, subjected to identity theft financial fraud allegedly by google, tata , especially if they cannot afford to waterproof their homes, and water leakage during monsoon is causing a short circuit, cutting off the electricity supply to large sections of the home.

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