Many parts of India do not have grid electricity for lighting

Though people in cities have become accustomed to uninterrupted electric supply, in many places of india, there is no grid electricity as it is not feasible to supply electricity in remote areas. Till a few decades ago, many students in india, especially from poor families used kerosene lamps to study at home at night, and in some cases had to use street lighting for reading.
Though the condition has greatly improved outside the main cities of goa, many are facing a problem with the electricity supply, for example in betim which is close to panaji, across the mandovi river, a few years ago, there was no electricity supply for more than 4 hours during the day.
In 2017, it is more feasible and economical to use solar systems for generating electricity for lighting and other applications in remote areas as grid electrical power systems can require maintenance, and it may be difficult to get a technician for repairs. Renewable energy sources are better for remote areas.