QI wireless functional led desk lamp with USB four CCT five level

This mailer for a popular LED desk lamp was received from chinese, and could explain the recent railway robbery on August Kranti Rajdhani express with its sleep mode

Product Description
Color: Black & White
Two Charging Mode:
Qi standard wireless charging and normal USB wire charging for iphone / ipad and other smart phones, intelligent induction recognition operation.

Wide Compatibility:
Wireless Charger is compatible with Qi enabled devices (integrated, Qi Ready) smartphones and watches or devices with QI receiver.
1-Hour Auto Timer:
Automatically turns-off in 1 hour while in any mode of operation.

5 Brightness Modes:
You can press the previous and next button to adjust the lighting brightness.

4 Lighting Modes:
?Reading mode(5300K):
It sitmulates concentration and reduces eye strain with the choice of mid-range color temperature.
?Study mode(6200k):
Increases attention sn concentration with the choice of high-range color temperature.
?Relax mode(4200k):
Promotes relaxation along with the improved mood and the choice of low-range color temperature.
?Sleep mode(3300k):
Encourage a deep sleep with the comfort of soft light.

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