Natural lighting, reading and eyesight

It is observed that for most people the eyesight starts worsening after the age of 40 and they cannot read properly without wearing glasses. The eyesight will worsen if the person is eating a lot of sweets as it increases the possibility of diabetes. The ability to read will depend on the lighting , if the light is dim, like in the early morning or evening it may be difficult to read.
Though most people are using artificial lighting in their home and office, for reading it is observed that it is easier to read with natural lighting. The spectrum for natural lighting is what the human eye is designed for, and the light from bulbs, CFL and LED lamps is different in composition.
In India, this difference is not discussed, however in western countries, many are aware of the difference, and there are lamps with natural lighting available for sale on some websites like amazon.
So if any person who feels that his or her eyesight is worsening due to age or other reasons, should try reading in natural light to the extent possible.