NTRO hacks lighting system of google competitor

NTRO is wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money to stalk, defame, cheat, harass and exploit a harmless google competitor , whose resume, savings they have stolen without a court order or legally valid reason.The latest example of harassment of the ntro employees was that they have installed some kind of remote control system for the bulb in the room where the google competitor sometimes sleeps.
So one day, early in the morning in November at about 4.30 am the google competitor woke up to find that the bulb was switched on, when she had switched off all the lighting when she went to sleep. The ntro employees expected the google competitor to become scared and start shouting.
However they forget that she is also a trained engineer, with better grades than most ntro employees, and the lamp stunt was another example of harassment of ntro employees. soon afterwards the lamp was switched off automatically and could not be switched on manually.
However after about 12 hours, the bulb was switched on automatically , and now it is working normally. It appears that ntro has installed a sophisticated wireless lighting control system for the bulb .