Month: April 2018

CFL lamp stops working after 8 years

Usually most conventional bulbs are lasting for a few months, especially in goa and then the filament in the bulbs will get damaged, the bulb will malfunction.
In Panaji, goa in one particular location, the bulb will malfunction making a loud noise, and the MCB in the main switchboard will trip
The power supply to the room or at times the entire house will be cut off.
CFL lamps usually have a longer life, lasting for years
In April 2018, a CFL lamp which was installed in August 2010, stopped functioning. Initially the user thought that there was a loose connection, however the lamp did not work in another location/socket also
So the user had to purchase new lighting. While incandescent bulbs are still available for Rs 15 onwards, now most shopkeepers are selling LED lamps. The cheapest LED lamp at a store in Mumbai, were from Havell, and cost Rs 130 each.

Light Bulb falls out of socket automatically

Usually a light bulb is fixed in the socket using the fixing mechanism and should remain there for some time, till a person will physically remove the bulb.
However as the google competitor is being used for non consensual human experimentation , ntro is using the latest technologies available to harass her.
So one day in the morning in April 2018, the google competitor found that the light bulb which was switched on, had suddenly fallen out from the socket
Fortunately the bulb was located above a bed , so the glass bulb did not fall on the ground and break

Any information on how the glass lighting bulb was made to fall out of the socket remotely will be appreciated