Month: June 2018

200 W lighting bulbs now available with retailers in India

Earlier most of the bulbs available in the market were rated at 60 W or less. However in 2018, both Philips and Crompton Greaves have starting making 200W bulbs which are available with retailers all over India.
The Philips bulb is costing Rs 31 each, while the Crompton Greaves bulb is costing Rs 25 for 1 bulb (MRP)
These bulbs are larger in size compared to the conventional 60 W bulbs which are more widely used.
The main advantage of using bulbs compared to LED, CFL lamps is that the light is not very harsh and so it is easier to fall asleep. They are also cheaper initially as most LED bulbs are costing more than Rs 100, though the energy consumption of these bulbs is far higher than LED bulbs

So the 200W bulbs were mainly purchased for review and gardening purposes