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Decorative lighting during festivals

In India, during festivals like Diwali and Christmas most homes have some decorative lighting
However the amount of decorative lighting can be considered to be an indication of the happiness and prosperity of the family .
Families which have plenty of money, and time like that of google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees eighth standard pass school dropout gujju housewife naina, goan bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan, will spend a lot of money on decorative lighting of their house during festivals.
On the other hand, a person who is a victim of a major financial fraud of ntro, raw, cbi, indian and goan government has to waste all her time , energy, money fighting the financial fraud, and is only interested in the bare necessities for living, as she tries to get justice.
A fraud victim neither has the time or inclination to celebrate any festival or event, getting justice is the only aim, so no decorative lighting will be installed in the home of the victim.

LED strips offer

Offer from chinese supplier

1. Most of our customers are project user, based on their experience and our knowledge, our products focus on the applications.
2. Energy save products: 150lm/W and 130lm/W LED strips are ok for us, in market it always around 110lm/W that means it will be around 35% energy saved.
3. Longer connection strips: for 5W/m strip, can be 15m continuous connection, 10W/m strip, can be 10m continuous connection, 15W/m, can be 7.5m continuous connection, It may require less cables and looks beautiful and save the labor cost.
4. No strict MOQ
5. Flexible delivery time
6. OEM is welcome

No NTRO, R&AW,cbi employee is associated with the website in any way

Getting Our Washer Fixed Fast to Not Have to Go to the Laundromat

Have you ever had to go to a laundromat? My husband and I had to do that when we were first married. We both could not stand the way our clothes would come out smelling like other people. I do not think that is my imagination. We all have our own BO for good or bad! I like the smell of my husband’s shirts so much that I wear one to bed when he is working third shift. When our washer stopped working we called a company that does appliance repair in Sacramento to fix it ASAP. We did not want to have to ever go back to a laundromat.

I know that some folks rely on them. We used to also. We could not afford a washer and dryer when we were first married. We did not have any hookups for them in our tiny apartment anyway. Now that we have our own home and have been married for years, we had all the conveniences. Yes, we may have taken them a little for granted. That is, until our washer broke. Continue reading “Getting Our Washer Fixed Fast to Not Have to Go to the Laundromat”

NTRO hacks lighting system of google competitor

NTRO is wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money to stalk, defame, cheat, harass and exploit a harmless google competitor , whose resume, savings they have stolen without a court order or legally valid reason.The latest example of harassment of the ntro employees was that they have installed some kind of remote control system for the bulb in the room where the google competitor sometimes sleeps.
So one day, early in the morning in November at about 4.30 am the google competitor woke up to find that the bulb was switched on, when she had switched off all the lighting when she went to sleep. The ntro employees expected the google competitor to become scared and start shouting.
However they forget that she is also a trained engineer, with better grades than most ntro employees, and the lamp stunt was another example of harassment of ntro employees. soon afterwards the lamp was switched off automatically and could not be switched on manually.
However after about 12 hours, the bulb was switched on automatically , and now it is working normally. It appears that ntro has installed a sophisticated wireless lighting control system for the bulb .

Goa call girls mostly operate at night

During the day, most places in goa are closely monitored using aerial surveillance systems, which will immediately make note of any new person entering the area. Most of the call girls in goa meet their client at night, so that they are not detected by the aerial surveillance systems as they are not easily detected in the dim street lighting. They usually meet in well lit hotel rooms which are available for anyone who will pay the rent, which have the latest lighting technology and lamps

A large number of Tourists flock to goa to enjoy themselves as top officials in the government, intelligence and security agencies have a very liberal outlook towards sex tourism , and young women providing sex services to government employees allegedly hold senior intelligence positions in Goa with fake resumes, have great powers . In most places in India, the local community will take action against those providing sex services, however tourists visiting goa can enjoy the services of goa call girls without facing any kind of harassment or censure. The phone number of call girls are sometimes listed in public places, however most men looking for call girls can contact the many websites online providing call girl services.

Using natural lighting to the extent possible

Though most people are working in offices where they use artificial lighting during the day, it is advisable for a person to use natural lighting to the extent possible .
There are multiple advantages of using natural lighting which most people are not aware of :
– reduced electricity bills
– no spending money on bulbs, CFL or LED lamps
– better visibility, it is observed that older people can read better in natural daylight. They can read fine print clearly in natural daylight, while they may require a magnifying glass in artificial lighting
– the human eye is designed for optimum performance in natural lighting

On some websites, there are natural lighting lamps available, though they are expensive.

Plants grown indoors using LED lighting

Increasingly companies are growing plants indoors using LED lighting.
The researchers are finding the exact lighting and other supplies required for optimal growth of a particular plant and then recreating the requirements indoors so that the plants are growing faster indoors.
This method is more expensive compared to growing plants outdoors in natural sunlight, however it is suitable for use in metro cities where real estate rates are very high, for people who want fresh home grown produce.
It is used mainly for expensive salad and other vegetables, fruits.

JY Super rechargeable LED torch JY -1717 for lighting

Often a torch or flashlight is used as an alternative to a lamp, when there is no electricity
As it difficult to find replacement batteries for torches, increasingly users are preferring rechargeable torches which can be recharged connecting to a power outlet. JY Super rechargeable LED torch JY -1717 is one of the many rechargeable torches available in the market
Manufacturer: Ningbo Jinyan Electronic Co. Ltd
The flashlight can be used at home, in an automobile, office and walking
It uses a special focus reflecting cap and can reach a distance of up to 150 metres
The product is guaranteed for three months from the date of purchase . However damage caused due to incorrect operation is not included in the quality guarantee of the product.
The product is made in china and has ISO: 9001 certification. Like other chinese products in India, the MRP is listed as Rs 20 on a sticker, however the local retailer will charge Rs 100 or more for the flashlight

Kindly note that 10 R&AW, CBI, indian intelligence employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree are not associated with the website as they do not pay any expenses, do not do any work online , yet are making fake claims since 2010, to get a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the domain investor, google competitor in a case of defamation like the vishal sikka infosys case.

Natural lighting, reading and eyesight

It is observed that for most people the eyesight starts worsening after the age of 40 and they cannot read properly without wearing glasses. The eyesight will worsen if the person is eating a lot of sweets as it increases the possibility of diabetes. The ability to read will depend on the lighting , if the light is dim, like in the early morning or evening it may be difficult to read.
Though most people are using artificial lighting in their home and office, for reading it is observed that it is easier to read with natural lighting. The spectrum for natural lighting is what the human eye is designed for, and the light from bulbs, CFL and LED lamps is different in composition.
In India, this difference is not discussed, however in western countries, many are aware of the difference, and there are lamps with natural lighting available for sale on some websites like amazon.
So if any person who feels that his or her eyesight is worsening due to age or other reasons, should try reading in natural light to the extent possible.

Many parts of India do not have grid electricity for lighting

Though people in cities have become accustomed to uninterrupted electric supply, in many places of india, there is no grid electricity as it is not feasible to supply electricity in remote areas. Till a few decades ago, many students in india, especially from poor families used kerosene lamps to study at home at night, and in some cases had to use street lighting for reading.
Though the condition has greatly improved outside the main cities of goa, many are facing a problem with the electricity supply, for example in betim which is close to panaji, across the mandovi river, a few years ago, there was no electricity supply for more than 4 hours during the day.
In 2017, it is more feasible and economical to use solar systems for generating electricity for lighting and other applications in remote areas as grid electrical power systems can require maintenance, and it may be difficult to get a technician for repairs. Renewable energy sources are better for remote areas.