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JY Super rechargeable LED torch JY -1717 for lighting

Often a torch or flashlight is used as an alternative to a lamp, when there is no electricity
As it difficult to find replacement batteries for torches, increasingly users are preferring rechargeable torches which can be recharged connecting to a power outlet. JY Super rechargeable LED torch JY -1717 is one of the many rechargeable torches available in the market
Manufacturer: Ningbo Jinyan Electronic Co. Ltd
The flashlight can be used at home, in an automobile, office and walking
It uses a special focus reflecting cap and can reach a distance of up to 150 metres
The product is guaranteed for three months from the date of purchase . However damage caused due to incorrect operation is not included in the quality guarantee of the product.
The product is made in china and has ISO: 9001 certification. Like other chinese products in India, the MRP is listed as Rs 20 on a sticker, however the local retailer will charge Rs 100 or more for the flashlight

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Natural lighting, reading and eyesight

It is observed that for most people the eyesight starts worsening after the age of 40 and they cannot read properly without wearing glasses. The eyesight will worsen if the person is eating a lot of sweets as it increases the possibility of diabetes. The ability to read will depend on the lighting , if the light is dim, like in the early morning or evening it may be difficult to read.
Though most people are using artificial lighting in their home and office, for reading it is observed that it is easier to read with natural lighting. The spectrum for natural lighting is what the human eye is designed for, and the light from bulbs, CFL and LED lamps is different in composition.
In India, this difference is not discussed, however in western countries, many are aware of the difference, and there are lamps with natural lighting available for sale on some websites like amazon.
So if any person who feels that his or her eyesight is worsening due to age or other reasons, should try reading in natural light to the extent possible.

Many parts of India do not have grid electricity for lighting

Though people in cities have become accustomed to uninterrupted electric supply, in many places of india, there is no grid electricity as it is not feasible to supply electricity in remote areas. Till a few decades ago, many students in india, especially from poor families used kerosene lamps to study at home at night, and in some cases had to use street lighting for reading.
Though the condition has greatly improved outside the main cities of goa, many are facing a problem with the electricity supply, for example in betim which is close to panaji, across the mandovi river, a few years ago, there was no electricity supply for more than 4 hours during the day.
In 2017, it is more feasible and economical to use solar systems for generating electricity for lighting and other applications in remote areas as grid electrical power systems can require maintenance, and it may be difficult to get a technician for repairs. Renewable energy sources are better for remote areas.

QI wireless functional led desk lamp with USB four CCT five level

This mailer for a popular LED desk lamp was received from chinese, and could explain the recent railway robbery on August Kranti Rajdhani express with its sleep mode

Product Description
Color: Black & White
Two Charging Mode:
Qi standard wireless charging and normal USB wire charging for iphone / ipad and other smart phones, intelligent induction recognition operation.

Wide Compatibility:
Wireless Charger is compatible with Qi enabled devices (integrated, Qi Ready) smartphones and watches or devices with QI receiver.
1-Hour Auto Timer:
Automatically turns-off in 1 hour while in any mode of operation.

5 Brightness Modes:
You can press the previous and next button to adjust the lighting brightness.

4 Lighting Modes:
?Reading mode(5300K):
It sitmulates concentration and reduces eye strain with the choice of mid-range color temperature.
?Study mode(6200k):
Increases attention sn concentration with the choice of high-range color temperature.
?Relax mode(4200k):
Promotes relaxation along with the improved mood and the choice of low-range color temperature.
?Sleep mode(3300k):
Encourage a deep sleep with the comfort of soft light.

Miljoe Lighting Technology Co.,
Mobile/wechat/whatsapp:+86 13760489853 Tel:+86 755 66802954

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Battery based lamps have replaced kerosene lamps in urban areas

As batteries have become cheaper and lighter, battery based lamps have largely replaced kerosene lamps in most cities and towns in India. A few decades ago, in the 1970’s and 1980’s many middle class homes had a kerosene lamp when the grid power supply was interrupted. However with advances in LED and battery technology the kerosene lamps have been largely replaced by battery based lamps.

Kerosene lamps were largely risky because the kerosene could leak and cause a fire. The kerosene was also used for cooking food at some homes, before LPG usage became widespread . In some places, especially in rural areas, petrol and kerosene lamps continue to be used.

Earlier the batteries for lamps were not rechargeable and had to be replaced repeatedly. However now rechargeable batteries are now available at an affordable cost, though most the lamps are made in china.

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Lighting for common passages in an apartment complex

While the lighting of each flat in an apartment complex is connected to the power grid supply, and meter for the flat, the lighting method for common passages in an apartment complex may vary greatly. In some areas, all the areas have the same power supply.
However in newer buildings with lifts, it is observed that the lighting for the common passages is usually isolated and is directly connected to the backup power supply from a generator in case of failure of the main electricity grid power supply
So when the main electricity grid power will fail, the common passages like the staircases, roads continue to have lighting, while the homes are usually without lighting, However for prolonged power failure, the generator fuel will get exhausted and the whole area will be without any lighting
Most smaller homes do not have any elaborate lighting arrangement.

Batten Tri-Proof LED Tube, Radar Motion Sensor Tube and other lamps

Mailer from chinese suppliers with prices for reference

Below are some of the competitive lamps:
<1>. Radar Motion Sensor Tube 18w 100lm/w CRI80 —– $4.50/pc
<2>. T5 with Driver Built-in G5 Socket 18w CRI80 —– $3.50/pc
<3>. Batten Tri-Proof LED Tube 36w 100lm/w CRI80 —– $13.50/pc
<4>. Office Hanging Linear Light 36w 100lm/w CRI80 —– $11.80/pc
<5>. Office Flat Wide Batten tube 36w 100lm/w CRI80 —– $5.50/pc

E-m-a-i-l: marketing(at)vikstars(dot)c-o-m

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Advantages of using solar lighting in los angeles

The southern state of California is getting a lot of sunlight, so Commercial and Residential establishments in the city of Los Angeles can save a lot of money by availing of the cash and performance based incentives offered by the state of California under the california solar initiative.

It is recommended to hire the services of a specialized Solar company in Los Angeles California for designing, supplying and installing the solar system for the home or commercial establishment, especially solar lighting, as the company would be aware of the latest solar panel financing options, rebates, tax credits available and the different kinds of solar equipment available in the market

A roof mounted solar system is suitable in buildings and prime commercial locations, while a ground mounted system will be suitable for gardens and open spaces.The Solar panel consulting company will understand the requirement of the customer, the illumination requirement and provide the optimal solar panel design for the equipment , solar panel installation to withstand all weather condition.

The Solar company in Los Angeles California will also include diagnosis of any problem, maintenance and repair services for the solar systems that they have supplied.

Organized stalking victims should purchase a solar lamp

Being subjected to organized stalking can be a very traumatic experience for the victim, and however hardworking honest efficient the person will be , it is extremely difficult to make any money as almost all payment is blocked , opportunities denied, So the stalking victim may make enough to pay the electricity bills, they find it difficult to make major repairs to their house like waterproofing, as they are very expensive.

As a result, during heavy rainfall, the concealed wiring in the house is affected, and there is no electricity in the house or most rooms of the house. As there is no money for repairs, and it is also very difficult to find a reliable person for waterproofing, it is highly recommended that the home owner , stalking victim purchases a solar lamp for illuminating the house at night, when there is no natural lighting available.

The solar lamp does not require expensive batteries, and many of the solar lamps available in the market are light weight and can be carried from one place to another very conveniently . Another advantage of not have grid electricity is that the stalkers are less likely to enter the home at night. One of the main problems faced by organized stalkers is that intruders are entering the house at night and creating problems

So though they are initially expensive, the solar lamps and solar lighting systems are very useful for those subjected to organized stalking and whose electrical wiring system is damaged due to water leakage.

Dim illumination in hotel rooms

It is observed that some hotel rooms the lighting is fairly dim, it is not suitable for reading or doing any activity which requires bright light. In the hotel, they are using a combination of LED lamps and conventional downlights.
It appears that the hotel rooms are designed for people who come to the hotel room mainly to relax and sleep after spending the whole day outside
In Goa, power supply interruptions are widespread especially in non city areas, so it is advisable to carry a flashlight. Most hotels have a generator, however it can take some time for the staff to switch to the generator when there is no power supply