Lighting for common passages in an apartment complex

While the lighting of each flat in an apartment complex is connected to the power grid supply, and meter for the flat, the lighting method for common passages in an apartment complex may vary greatly. In some areas, all the areas have the same power supply.
However in newer buildings with lifts, it is observed that the lighting for the common passages is usually isolated and is directly connected to the backup power supply from a generator in case of failure of the main electricity grid power supply
So when the main electricity grid power will fail, the common passages like the staircases, roads continue to have lighting, while the homes are usually without lighting, However for prolonged power failure, the generator fuel will get exhausted and the whole area will be without any lighting
Most smaller homes do not have any elaborate lighting arrangement.

Batten Tri-Proof LED Tube, Radar Motion Sensor Tube and other lamps

Mailer from chinese suppliers with prices for reference

Below are some of the competitive lamps:
<1>. Radar Motion Sensor Tube 18w 100lm/w CRI80 —– $4.50/pc
<2>. T5 with Driver Built-in G5 Socket 18w CRI80 —– $3.50/pc
<3>. Batten Tri-Proof LED Tube 36w 100lm/w CRI80 —– $13.50/pc
<4>. Office Hanging Linear Light 36w 100lm/w CRI80 —– $11.80/pc
<5>. Office Flat Wide Batten tube 36w 100lm/w CRI80 —– $5.50/pc

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Advantages of using solar lighting in los angeles

The southern state of California is getting a lot of sunlight, so Commercial and Residential establishments in the city of Los Angeles can save a lot of money by availing of the cash and performance based incentives offered by the state of California under the california solar initiative.

It is recommended to hire the services of a specialized Solar company in Los Angeles California for designing, supplying and installing the solar system for the home or commercial establishment, especially solar lighting, as the company would be aware of the latest solar panel financing options, rebates, tax credits available and the different kinds of solar equipment available in the market

A roof mounted solar system is suitable in buildings and prime commercial locations, while a ground mounted system will be suitable for gardens and open spaces.The Solar panel consulting company will understand the requirement of the customer, the illumination requirement and provide the optimal solar panel design for the equipment , solar panel installation to withstand all weather condition.

The Solar company in Los Angeles California will also include diagnosis of any problem, maintenance and repair services for the solar systems that they have supplied.

Organized stalking victims should purchase a solar lamp

Being subjected to organized stalking can be a very traumatic experience for the victim, and however hardworking honest efficient the person will be , it is extremely difficult to make any money as almost all payment is blocked , opportunities denied, So the stalking victim may make enough to pay the electricity bills, they find it difficult to make major repairs to their house like waterproofing, as they are very expensive.

As a result, during heavy rainfall, the concealed wiring in the house is affected, and there is no electricity in the house or most rooms of the house. As there is no money for repairs, and it is also very difficult to find a reliable person for waterproofing, it is highly recommended that the home owner , stalking victim purchases a solar lamp for illuminating the house at night, when there is no natural lighting available.

The solar lamp does not require expensive batteries, and many of the solar lamps available in the market are light weight and can be carried from one place to another very conveniently . Another advantage of not have grid electricity is that the stalkers are less likely to enter the home at night. One of the main problems faced by organized stalkers is that intruders are entering the house at night and creating problems

So though they are initially expensive, the solar lamps and solar lighting systems are very useful for those subjected to organized stalking and whose electrical wiring system is damaged due to water leakage.

Dim illumination in hotel rooms

It is observed that some hotel rooms the lighting is fairly dim, it is not suitable for reading or doing any activity which requires bright light. In the hotel, they are using a combination of LED lamps and conventional downlights.
It appears that the hotel rooms are designed for people who come to the hotel room mainly to relax and sleep after spending the whole day outside
In Goa, power supply interruptions are widespread especially in non city areas, so it is advisable to carry a flashlight. Most hotels have a generator, however it can take some time for the staff to switch to the generator when there is no power supply

Street lighting replaced by LED lighting in Goa

In the last few months, it appears that to save electricity, the government has replaced the street lamps with LED lighting in some places in goa , especially in Panaji. The company which had the contract for replacing the street lighting sent their person on a special truck with ladders for changing the lighting. The old lamp was removed by the staff or workers, and replaced by the LED lighting, which consists of an array of LEDs
However the problem of switching on and switching off the LED lighting remains, and sometimes, the street lighting is switched on during the day also. However as LED lighting is used instead of mercury vapor and other lighting, less electricity is wasted.
It would be interesting to know who is regulating the switching on and off of street lighting, whether it is automated or switched on at a specific time daily.

LED strip, LED Tube, panel and other products

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Theft and other crimes more likely in dark places without any lighting

Most people, especially young women are told to avoid going out at night, because crimes are more likely to take place at night, especially in areas which are not well illuminated . In the dark the victim will often find it difficult to recognize the person who has assaulted or committted any crime on her or him, and it will be difficult to identify the person who committed the crime at a later date.
The lack of lighting makes it difficult for the victim to fight back, especially if the attacker is used to working in the dark.
Often before committing a crime, the criminals will cut the electric power supply to a house or other area, so that the persons residing in the area will not be able to spot them in advance and take action

Lighting and microwave radiation torture

Though tube lights have been largely replaced by CFL and LED lamps, they continue to be used in some homes and other areas. Though the life of CFL and LED lamps is far more than the conventional bulbs that were used in many homes till a few decades ago, there are certain disadvantages of using bulbs. Though ntro, cbi, R&AW employees are getting a monthly salary and pension from the indian government, these officials are too stingy to pay for commercial sex or work for their career. Any goan sex worker who has free sex with, bribes or is related to, these government employees, falsely claim that these frauds are online experts, domain investors to ruthlessly stalk, torture the real domain investor, so that the indian tax payer pays for the sex , cheating of these ntro officials

If CFL, LED lamps or tube lights, are used, due to greater brightness, the sex bribe taking, fraud ntro officials can easily locate the real domain investor and launch their criminal attack on her to ruin her health, finances, so that their sex, cheating fraud will never be exposed . So though the tungsten filament bulbs are not very energy efficient for a harmless indian citizen, who is being ruthlessly stalked and tortured by the cruel criminal ntro, security agency and other officials, they are the best choice for lighting in a room, as the light from the bulbs cannot be visible or easily detected from a long distance.

If a room has both a CFL lamp and a bulb installed, a simple test can prove that the ntro and other officials are monitoring the light from the room at night, to find out if there is any person in the room and increase the radiation levels accordingly to cause great pain, memory loss and other problems. If the CFL lamp is switched off, the officials who are monitoring the room from a distance, using the most sophisticated equipment, will almost immediately increase the radiation levels in the room. An electro sensitive individual will experience great pain as the radiation levels are increased. It appears that using a 60 W or zero watt bulb can reduce the problem to a great extent, especially if curtains are being used. The indian government on one hand is talking about digital india, yet those who are investing their time and money online in India, are treated worse than criminals, are ruthlessly stalked and tortured causing great pain, memory loss, and microwave burns.

Solar lighting, lamps widely used in rural areas

It is observed that people in rural areas are more likely to use solar lighting, lamps compared to urban areas, especially metro cities. Travelling from Goa to Mumbai by train, there are many fields close to the railway track, and these fields are using solar lighting.
The solar panels used for the solar lighting are clearly visible
Solar lighting is suitable in rural areas, as cables do not have to be laid, and recurring expenses are relatively lower compared to grid power supply. The cables are also not likely to be damaged due to heavy vehicle, misuse and other reasons like theft for resale of copper in the cables.
Suppliers of solar lamps and lighting can send their product details and other information for a free listing

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