Month: June 2017

Street lighting replaced by LED lighting in Goa

In the last few months, it appears that to save electricity, the government has replaced the street lamps with LED lighting in some places in goa , especially in Panaji. The company which had the contract for replacing the street lighting sent their person on a special truck with ladders for changing the lighting. The old lamp was removed by the staff or workers, and replaced by the LED lighting, which consists of an array of LEDs
However the problem of switching on and switching off the LED lighting remains, and sometimes, the street lighting is switched on during the day also. However as LED lighting is used instead of mercury vapor and other lighting, less electricity is wasted.
It would be interesting to know who is regulating the switching on and off of street lighting, whether it is automated or switched on at a specific time daily.

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Theft and other crimes more likely in dark places without any lighting

Most people, especially young women are told to avoid going out at night, because crimes are more likely to take place at night, especially in areas which are not well illuminated . In the dark the victim will often find it difficult to recognize the person who has assaulted or committted any crime on her or him, and it will be difficult to identify the person who committed the crime at a later date.
The lack of lighting makes it difficult for the victim to fight back, especially if the attacker is used to working in the dark.
Often before committing a crime, the criminals will cut the electric power supply to a house or other area, so that the persons residing in the area will not be able to spot them in advance and take action