Lighting and microwave radiation torture

Though tube lights have been largely replaced by CFL and LED lamps, they continue to be used in some homes and other areas. Though the life of CFL and LED lamps is far more than the conventional bulbs that were used in many homes till a few decades ago, there are certain disadvantages of using bulbs. Though ntro, cbi, R&AW employees are getting a monthly salary and pension from the indian government, these officials are too stingy to pay for commercial sex or work for their career. Any goan sex worker who has free sex with, bribes or is related to, these government employees, falsely claim that these frauds are online experts, domain investors to ruthlessly stalk, torture the real domain investor, so that the indian tax payer pays for the sex , cheating of these ntro officials

If CFL, LED lamps or tube lights, are used, due to greater brightness, the sex bribe taking, fraud ntro officials can easily locate the real domain investor and launch their criminal attack on her to ruin her health, finances, so that their sex, cheating fraud will never be exposed . So though the tungsten filament bulbs are not very energy efficient for a harmless indian citizen, who is being ruthlessly stalked and tortured by the cruel criminal ntro, security agency and other officials, they are the best choice for lighting in a room, as the light from the bulbs cannot be visible or easily detected from a long distance.

If a room has both a CFL lamp and a bulb installed, a simple test can prove that the ntro and other officials are monitoring the light from the room at night, to find out if there is any person in the room and increase the radiation levels accordingly to cause great pain, memory loss and other problems. If the CFL lamp is switched off, the officials who are monitoring the room from a distance, using the most sophisticated equipment, will almost immediately increase the radiation levels in the room. An electro sensitive individual will experience great pain as the radiation levels are increased. It appears that using a 60 W or zero watt bulb can reduce the problem to a great extent, especially if curtains are being used. The indian government on one hand is talking about digital india, yet those who are investing their time and money online in India, are treated worse than criminals, are ruthlessly stalked and tortured causing great pain, memory loss, and microwave burns.