Organized stalking victims should purchase a solar lamp

Being subjected to organized stalking can be a very traumatic experience for the victim, and however hardworking honest efficient the person will be , it is extremely difficult to make any money as almost all payment is blocked , opportunities denied, So the stalking victim may make enough to pay the electricity bills, they find it difficult to make major repairs to their house like waterproofing, as they are very expensive.

As a result, during heavy rainfall, the concealed wiring in the house is affected, and there is no electricity in the house or most rooms of the house. As there is no money for repairs, and it is also very difficult to find a reliable person for waterproofing, it is highly recommended that the home owner , stalking victim purchases a solar lamp for illuminating the house at night, when there is no natural lighting available.

The solar lamp does not require expensive batteries, and many of the solar lamps available in the market are light weight and can be carried from one place to another very conveniently . Another advantage of not have grid electricity is that the stalkers are less likely to enter the home at night. One of the main problems faced by organized stalkers is that intruders are entering the house at night and creating problems

So though they are initially expensive, the solar lamps and solar lighting systems are very useful for those subjected to organized stalking and whose electrical wiring system is damaged due to water leakage.