I Feel Safe Having Cameras Installed at My House

When I bought my new house last year, I was happy with everything about it with one exception. The rooms were perfect, and the yard is extremely lovely. However, it did not have a security system. That seemed really odd to me in today’s times because the world is just getting worse with each passing day it seems. I knew that even before I moved in, I wanted to get some CCTV cameras hooked up and running. I was not concerned about having a professional installation of equipment because I knew that I would end up paying a lot of money that way.

I just wanted something small that I could monitor myself. I have a smartphone, and I knew that I would be able to access the cameras that get set up with an app. I just wanted to be able to see what is going on outside the house at any given time of the day, whether I am there or not. Continue reading “I Feel Safe Having Cameras Installed at My House”

She Got Locked out of Her House

My mom has had to get used to a lot of things in the last year. My father passed away, and she was suddenly left having to do things that he had always taken care of. She never concerned herself with taking her keys when they would go out, so it was something that she had to get used to since she could not rely on him having his keys in his pocket. The first time she forgot them is also the last time she forget them. She had to do a search for 24hr locksmith Brisbane on her mobile phone to find someone who would be able to come and help her get back inside her house.

It was easy enough to prove she lived there as she always has carried identification on her. She was concerned if she had picked the right locksmith company because this was something else my father would have handled. Continue reading “She Got Locked out of Her House”

Getting Our Washer Fixed Fast to Not Have to Go to the Laundromat

Have you ever had to go to a laundromat? My husband and I had to do that when we were first married. We both could not stand the way our clothes would come out smelling like other people. I do not think that is my imagination. We all have our own BO for good or bad! I like the smell of my husband’s shirts so much that I wear one to bed when he is working third shift. When our washer stopped working we called a company that does appliance repair in Sacramento to fix it ASAP. We did not want to have to ever go back to a laundromat.

I know that some folks rely on them. We used to also. We could not afford a washer and dryer when we were first married. We did not have any hookups for them in our tiny apartment anyway. Now that we have our own home and have been married for years, we had all the conveniences. Yes, we may have taken them a little for granted. That is, until our washer broke. Continue reading “Getting Our Washer Fixed Fast to Not Have to Go to the Laundromat”