Battery based lamps have replaced kerosene lamps in urban areas

As batteries have become cheaper and lighter, battery based lamps have largely replaced kerosene lamps in most cities and towns in India. A few decades ago, in the 1970’s and 1980’s many middle class homes had a kerosene lamp when the grid power supply was interrupted. However with advances in LED and battery technology the kerosene lamps have been largely replaced by battery based lamps.

Kerosene lamps were largely risky because the kerosene could leak and cause a fire. The kerosene was also used for cooking food at some homes, before LPG usage became widespread . In some places, especially in rural areas, petrol and kerosene lamps continue to be used.

Earlier the batteries for lamps were not rechargeable and had to be replaced repeatedly. However now rechargeable batteries are now available at an affordable cost, though most the lamps are made in china.

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