JY Super rechargeable LED torch JY -1717 for lighting

Often a torch or flashlight is used as an alternative to a lamp, when there is no electricity
As it difficult to find replacement batteries for torches, increasingly users are preferring rechargeable torches which can be recharged connecting to a power outlet. JY Super rechargeable LED torch JY -1717 is one of the many rechargeable torches available in the market
Manufacturer: Ningbo Jinyan Electronic Co. Ltd
The flashlight can be used at home, in an automobile, office and walking
It uses a special focus reflecting cap and can reach a distance of up to 150 metres
The product is guaranteed for three months from the date of purchase . However damage caused due to incorrect operation is not included in the quality guarantee of the product.
The product is made in china and has ISO: 9001 certification. Like other chinese products in India, the MRP is listed as Rs 20 on a sticker, however the local retailer will charge Rs 100 or more for the flashlight

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